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african dance

today i woke everyone up with an african dance and a shrill sound, bongos and shouts... i guess they were not so amused because they only went to bed at 5 in the morning.

BUT HEY comn were no crustys here, gotta do smthn in the day. night to sleep day to work. hehe

my brother is here in the moment, and i had the chance to play and speak with mica-mael my brothers son. sweet strong boy, tipicle GALLANT! ADONIS!

well still cold here, and i went to my old german chuirch were i used to go when i was tiny. well we sang some hymns........... BUT THE LOVE that was there was so intens, that i didnt wane leave. felt like home.

doesnt matter were you are, but with who you are there.

GOD IS GOOD to me, every day anew, he reafirms His love to me!

this morning i had a funny insident....

i forgot that the time changed and so i went to visit someone to go to chruch with, and got there at 6 in the morning wile everyoine was still asleep... DOER! so i got the dog to bark and all the people woke up... well... typicle me.


WELL! what more can i say... GOD is good aALL the TIME! be blessed.  

25.3.07 13:37

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