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wow, its coooold... and rainy but i have to say i missed it  this cold weather...

i got into the airplane with 35 c, and got out in germany and it was 4.... lol

but hey thats just the weather were real man are born into... hehe

cool to be here, although i miss south africa.. not the country... but the people. no one is like an south african,,, hehe


 i will write some more, in the following days, in the moment i have to visit a lot of people, and get stuffed with food. but ernestly i dont whant to fall into the old way of living here... a lot of people are very discouraged, and get into thyr daily trod and its hard to be diffrent.... lol but thats the desea of EUROPE! everyone tryes to be so special and diffrent, that they forget that they allready are.... but let em be. they let me be aswell hehe



24.3.07 12:36

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