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Let it RAIN!

LET it rain my God upon my life...

Let it rain upon my heart MY GOD!

Let it rain, and OPEN the FLOODGATES OF HEAVEN! and let it pour on me, wash me away, take me as I AM AND WASH ME AWAY in your LOVE YOUR GLORY! BLOW ME AWAY WITH YOUR MIGHT, you are stronger then ALL THIS, show them how strong you are MY GOD! YOU ARE GOD AND THERE IS NO OTHER!


THEN BURN ME IN YOUR FIERCE LOVE, the fire of your greatness LORD! BURN! CONSUME me whole! consume ME! everlasting in your LOVE, IN YOUR house i CRY day in and day out, for your PRESENCE to fill me permanently, and lo you have done it!

for every day i lay out peaces of my life on your altar and watch for fire to descend!

im yours and yours alone. Jesus take me whole, this world is empty and void... you are Life, Truth, Love, destiny to me...

CONSUME ME! Lord Jesus, i was always yours.

13.3.07 20:34

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