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there comes a time in a mans life... when he has to put everything he knows and learned from his father and family, in front of huim and ask, is this who i am? is this what i whant?

than he has to inquire of God what he whants, he must listen closly to every word that comes from JESUS, becouase the world out there has no answers, people that dont listen to God, they listen to the abbys of nothingness... the answers dont lye in oubs or partys or in the house of the FUN DUDEs, wisdom is in the house of the DEEP!

After asking and inquiring, God will sture something in the mans heart, something to do, something to love, something to believe, and something to have faith about... He will remind the man allways of HIS PROMISES he made... promises he made with HIs heart... he will remind him that he must have perfect peace in making descicions, becaouse HE GOD is in controle...

Then he will hold him close to his love and make him take a desicion.

now there stands the man... hill? mountain? desert? Ocean? it doesnt matter which one, it just matters that there is a WILD. becuase thats what is in HID heart!


and from deep to deep the desicion quarrels its qwait out of themans heart, and then it becomes clearer every second he steps upon it...untill it is oneness with God... oneness in desicion and agreement... untill he is like christ,


NOW he steps, walks talks and moves, lives like him... NO RESTRICTIONS nor boundrys, no rules, but A DARING is in his heart, and he pounds against the waves, becouse he knows... it is hisw CREATOR that is within him...



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