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in this world of ordinary people...
extraordinary people,
i'm glad there is you

in this world of overrated pleasures
and underrated treasures,
i'm glad there is you.


jami cullum 

25.3.07 14:15

african dance

today i woke everyone up with an african dance and a shrill sound, bongos and shouts... i guess they were not so amused because they only went to bed at 5 in the morning.

BUT HEY comn were no crustys here, gotta do smthn in the day. night to sleep day to work. hehe

my brother is here in the moment, and i had the chance to play and speak with mica-mael my brothers son. sweet strong boy, tipicle GALLANT! ADONIS!

well still cold here, and i went to my old german chuirch were i used to go when i was tiny. well we sang some hymns........... BUT THE LOVE that was there was so intens, that i didnt wane leave. felt like home.

doesnt matter were you are, but with who you are there.

GOD IS GOOD to me, every day anew, he reafirms His love to me!

this morning i had a funny insident....

i forgot that the time changed and so i went to visit someone to go to chruch with, and got there at 6 in the morning wile everyoine was still asleep... DOER! so i got the dog to bark and all the people woke up... well... typicle me.


WELL! what more can i say... GOD is good aALL the TIME! be blessed.  

25.3.07 13:37

i m here

wow, its coooold... and rainy but i have to say i missed it  this cold weather...

i got into the airplane with 35 c, and got out in germany and it was 4.... lol

but hey thats just the weather were real man are born into... hehe

cool to be here, although i miss south africa.. not the country... but the people. no one is like an south african,,, hehe


 i will write some more, in the following days, in the moment i have to visit a lot of people, and get stuffed with food. but ernestly i dont whant to fall into the old way of living here... a lot of people are very discouraged, and get into thyr daily trod and its hard to be diffrent.... lol but thats the desea of EUROPE! everyone tryes to be so special and diffrent, that they forget that they allready are.... but let em be. they let me be aswell hehe



24.3.07 12:36


HM! well almost in germany... just another 2 days and im there! touching the ground, of europe.

but today i found something very beautiful that i was looking for a long time. find out more on this link.

it is very beautiful.


19.3.07 06:54

this week


Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times.
Martin Luther

In God's Grace i move, i live, i have my being.

nothing i do, but Who HE is, Jesus. Jesus just being Jesus.

next week. wednesday around this time, i will be in germany.

im flying with an eastern airline, and i am landing between in dohan for about 9 hours !!!!!! then next morning i will be flying to frankfurt, and land at about 6-7 in the morning.

From there on, im in Gods hands.

By the way YESTERDAY I GOT SOMETHING NEW ON MY ARM! WOOOOOOW it was hardcore! little painfull, but it looks great!

got ta see it for yourself.

16.3.07 05:26

Let it RAIN!

LET it rain my God upon my life...

Let it rain upon my heart MY GOD!

Let it rain, and OPEN the FLOODGATES OF HEAVEN! and let it pour on me, wash me away, take me as I AM AND WASH ME AWAY in your LOVE YOUR GLORY! BLOW ME AWAY WITH YOUR MIGHT, you are stronger then ALL THIS, show them how strong you are MY GOD! YOU ARE GOD AND THERE IS NO OTHER!


THEN BURN ME IN YOUR FIERCE LOVE, the fire of your greatness LORD! BURN! CONSUME me whole! consume ME! everlasting in your LOVE, IN YOUR house i CRY day in and day out, for your PRESENCE to fill me permanently, and lo you have done it!

for every day i lay out peaces of my life on your altar and watch for fire to descend!

im yours and yours alone. Jesus take me whole, this world is empty and void... you are Life, Truth, Love, destiny to me...

CONSUME ME! Lord Jesus, i was always yours.

13.3.07 20:34


there comes a time in a mans life... when he has to put everything he knows and learned from his father and family, in front of huim and ask, is this who i am? is this what i whant?

than he has to inquire of God what he whants, he must listen closly to every word that comes from JESUS, becouase the world out there has no answers, people that dont listen to God, they listen to the abbys of nothingness... the answers dont lye in oubs or partys or in the house of the FUN DUDEs, wisdom is in the house of the DEEP!

After asking and inquiring, God will sture something in the mans heart, something to do, something to love, something to believe, and something to have faith about... He will remind the man allways of HIS PROMISES he made... promises he made with HIs heart... he will remind him that he must have perfect peace in making descicions, becaouse HE GOD is in controle...

Then he will hold him close to his love and make him take a desicion.

now there stands the man... hill? mountain? desert? Ocean? it doesnt matter which one, it just matters that there is a WILD. becuase thats what is in HID heart!


and from deep to deep the desicion quarrels its qwait out of themans heart, and then it becomes clearer every second he steps upon it...untill it is oneness with God... oneness in desicion and agreement... untill he is like christ,


NOW he steps, walks talks and moves, lives like him... NO RESTRICTIONS nor boundrys, no rules, but A DARING is in his heart, and he pounds against the waves, becouse he knows... it is hisw CREATOR that is within him...



13.3.07 16:17

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