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everyone that's reading my B L O G!  sound's so much cooler with an american accent.

WELL today is the 11 March and i feel bright and fresh. dont know how it is with you CRUSTY'S!


WELL the adventure is starting soon, im packed and ready to go... hm... well i havent told you of my adventure yet... well its coming soon.

gotta get some facts firsthand hehe.



I recorded 8 songs and more to come, i will start posting them into the internet and try to link them here so people can listen to the songs!


(sry for my spelling, but im writing very fast) hehe



(take it or schmake it) hehe


Truth is spoken, but it needs to be lived.

Love is spoken, but needs to be lived.

So we see, talking awakes no stone, but doing melts it away!

BY YOUR ACTIONS someone will say the way you are…

If you loving, you are, if you’re cold, you are.

The adventure lies outside ready to be lived. Are you ready?

Today is the day of the realization of your dream, and today is the day you act!

Love is the most beautiful act of all.

Don’t forget how to love! Don’t forget who lovers you really!


Statement of Faith:

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, The Son of God, God himself!

By taking on the form of a man, Jesus is the Word that became flesh.

He was crucified already before the beginning of creation.

There was no sin found in Him, and He was the only righteous one, on earth!

He is the Lamb of God, and He is the Truth, The way, The Truth and the LIFE! JESUS is Lord and there is no other!

HE is the Bright Morningstar, the MESSIA MY SAVIOUR!

HE saved my life from death, and I Belong to Him.

He was scorned, mocked, hit, scourged, kicked, spat on, shamed, crucified, for me, so I would be free from all this.


11.3.07 09:10

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